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I'm Freelance UI / UX Designer
Turning Your Paperball Into Paperplane

I help companies to design digital products and turn ideas into a functional and delightful experience. I’m focusing on working on interface and digital design – mainly building products, branding and websites.

Case Studies & Projects
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thumb project elao website
01 Elao View project

Designing Elao's Website Around his New Identity

I've collaborated with Elao, a development agency, to design their new website based on their upcoming brand new identity

Reworking an Elearning platform
Of Course There Is No Staff
thumb project msc interface
02 MySkillCamp View project

Redesigning The Experience Of An Elearning Platform

I collaborated with MySkillCamp to rebuild their eLearning platform. This case study explains what the process was, from the user experience to the design system.

thumb project msc landing
03 MySkillCamp View project

Redesign & Iteration of a Product's Website

This second project was to create a new identity and website which were more aligned with their vision.

thumb project colllect
04 Colllect View project

Designing a Visual Bookmark Manager as a Side Project

The journey of designing my first side project, creating the product and landing page with new experimentation.

thumb project ankama launcher
05 Ankama View project

Solving Visual And UX Problem On A Game Launcher

Case study of designing a launcher for a video gaming company, details of the user experience and iteration of the design.

thumb project dartagnan
06 Smartbeam View project

Collaborating on an Budget Management Aapp for Construction Team

I've teamed up with Smarbeam to improve their SAAS product, simplify the user flow and add consistency to their design.

thumb project dartagnan
07 Dartagnan View project

Creating an Email Marketing Plateform

This casestudie shows some of the fields I’ve contributed for an email marketing platform and campaign manager product.

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I’m building digital experience and interface

Focused on digital design over these years I helped companies and growing startup build apps and websites of all sorts.

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I’m not really active on Linkedin but you can stay in touch with me on Twitter. I post some of my work on Dribbble and some experiments on Codepen and Instagram.